(about why I take portraits over here)

After raising and homeschooling my 5 children for the last 32 years, the end of that era is fast approaching. My youngest is just about ready to graduate into young adulthood. Raising my tribe and the years I’ve gotten to spend with them by being home full-time is an accomplishment that I will always be most proud of and a gift that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Our children and grand children (grand baby #2 due May 2019!) will always remain the happiest part of mine and my husband’s life.

Creativity is deeply embedded in me. In grade school most of my memories center around crafts and painting projects. In high school my photography, art, ceramics and cooking classes were the only subjects that felt worthwhile to me (ok, ok. If I could go back I would have applied myself better to the other classes too.) I sometimes skipped school so I could stay home to sew or made myself late to a party because I got swept away in the details of wrapping a pretty package. Happy to say that I’m more responsible now, lol, but that fire inside to make something beautiful with my own hands has not dimmed.

I create to reflect beauty and deep connection. To be one voice among others that value the good and lovely, the true and the lasting. Because beauty and art fills our souls and points us to the Master Artist—who is first and foremost my greatest inspiration.