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Making My First Batch Of Kombucha!

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Kombucha is in da house y'all! But to be perfectly honest it's almost completely gone already. Seriously, I'm going to need to increase my brewing vessels or switch to a continuous brew system if I don't want to experience a kombucha drought in between fermenting! 

I am a total newbie brewer, but I'm sold on making it myself now. So much cheaper,  and you can get super creative with flavoring them and adding herbs and other ingredients for additional health benefits. For my very first round that you see here I flavored with pure, unsweetened blueberry juice and it's yummy. I found a recipe that I'm planning to try next that combines turmeric, cinnamon and orange juice! Gosh that sounds good to me right now. 

The fun thing is that if you divide up your brew into several bottles, you can try a few different kinds of flavoring at once. Along with the turmeric, I'm going to try a lemon + ginger combination because a certain son of mine has declared that his all time favorite, and mommies want to make their kids happy, right?

I would love to do a future post after I get a few brews under my belt and share all that I'm learning about kombucha brewing, which I'm convinced is an art AND a science. For now though, I would love to send you over to which has become my go-to for all things kombucha. Hannah will teach you everything you need to know and has made lots of helpful videos for those of us that want visual instruction, like me.

One last detail, if you don't have a bucha' brewing friend, check your local health food store for SCOBYs. They just might have them like mine did and you won't need to wait for one to arrive in the mail--which if you're anything like me, when you get excited to start something yesterday wouldn't have been too soon!