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The habit of making the ordinary beautiful, 5 simple steps

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It only takes a few extra moments of effort to make an ordinary, daily ritual beautiful and special. Just because. For the love of it. Meal or snack time is a favorite of mine to take up a notch. We all have to eat, and it happens several times a day so you get plenty of opportunity! 

If you are anything like me, you need to live with pretty things, create pretty things, and make your living space into an atmosphere of personal comfort, peace and beauty. But before you think that I live in a magazine, let me just pop that bubble for you right now. C'mon, bring it on over here where I can give it a good poke. I have messes to deal with and clutter that creeps up like any other lively household. Sometimes I even look around me and throw up my hands because I can't maintain my ideals on a daily basis. It's a heap of work and often it's a train I just can't catch. All the more important for me to shove that pile of books and mail aside and make a little pretty space to enjoy a midday snack in. Something is better than nothin' and it totally feeds my soul. 

Simple reigns supreme with me so here are my tips for making a pretty setting on the fly:

*Clear a space, inside or outside. Don't worry that only 3 feet away you have unfolded laundry or a stack of overdue library books. Mentally enter your tiny capsule of pretty and shut out all offending debris.

*Gather a little bouquet or something green from your own yard. I have an abundance of ferns and it's fun to hunt around and see what's blooming. But most of the time a pretty glass or vase filled with greenery is my favorite.

*Grab the pretty dishes to hold things, like butter or honey in this case. Better yet, just make the pretty dishes your everyday ware. 

*Cloth napkins

*Don't get fussy or consumed with details. Remember, this is on the fly pretty & peaceful atmosphere 101. 

Now give yourself 15 or 20 min. to breathe, daydream and enjoy what you just created. Include the kids and model for them a little bit of intentional, slow living. Ah, so good!