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DIY Natural Jewelry Branch

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Here is an easy and organic way to display your jewelry. I love, love, love incorporating nature into my home, and when it actually serves a dual purpose by being useful too? Win win. I found this perfect, curvy branch on one of my walks. I had been keeping an eye out because I wanted to make a jewelry hanger from one for a while. I'm so happy with how it turned out, and I get complements on it all the time. Makes a girl feel good.

Here are my tips and instructions for making your own:

Supplies needed: One light weight branch, clear pushpins, neutral colored thread or thin, clear fishing line.

1. Find a branch that fits the space you have in mind. You can always trim it down if it's a little long. You will want the branches to be thin enough in diameter that the hooks of your earrings can hang on them at parts. But if you only have your necklaces in mind it won't matter. 

2. Hold the branch up against the space you've chosen and take note where it comes in contact with the wall. Those are the points where you will secure it.

3. While holding the branch in position, place your pins in the wall at the contact points. For my branch I used three pins. I like using pushpins for this because one, they are quick to use--no hammer needed. And two, they have a small ledge that sticks out from the wall and this works wonderfully to help support your branch. See in the image below where I placed the pins for my branch.

4. Now that you have your pins in place, rest your branch on them. Take a length of your thread or line and start to wrap it multiple times around the pin and the branch. You may need to steady the branch simultaneously while you're wrapping. You're probably saying, whaaa? at this point, but trust me it will work itself out as you do it. Keep wrapping and winding however you want, just make sure that the branch feels secured to the pin. Repeat this with however many pins you have left. Btw, I didn't need to tie any knots. I wrapped so much and so tightly that it held on its own. Trim the thread end short when you've finished.

I only needed to anchor one pin out of my three. You may find the same, but whatever you do just make sure that the branch is indeed anchored to the wall! Someone I know, who shall remain nameless, got in a hurry to use her jewelry branch and decided she could skip the anchoring part because her branch was staying up so well with just the pins. It didn't take long before one false move sent most of her jewelry catapulting into the atmosphere. Little did she know that her delicate and lovely branch harbored a secrete life as a slingshot. Please learn from her mistake. Ahem.

I hope you are inspired to make your own. I would love to know if you do. If you know someone who would love this project, please share it!  

P.S. The light blue flowers are hair clips!