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Home Sewn: projects and inspiration for every room

Toni WeberComment

Years ago I spent time sewing something almost everyday. My love for sewing started in 7th grade with my first home ec class. I took those classes in high school too, and I might of even skipped school to stay home and sew a day or two. 

Lots of kids and my pursuit of photography crowed out sewing and my machine has lain dormant far too long. Until now. Home Sewn has reawakened one of my true, long lost loves--creating things for home with fabric. 

The projects are simple, useful and beautiful. The photography and styling is so lovely and, most important to me--inspiring. For an experienced sewer it's not that you will flip through these projects and have a revelation on how to make something--the power in a book like this for me is that it makes me want to create something. 

The overall atmosphere this book conveys is that of a cozy, simple and beautiful home. The author Cassandra Ellis shares reflections on each project and I love that. I enjoy reading about why they included it, how they have lived with it and their personal journey with it. 

The projects call for natural materials like linen and leather, and sumptuous ones like velvet. There's a handy "your kit" section at the back of the book which breaks down the tools you will need to complete the projects. 

Check out Cassandra's website and you'll get a feel for her organic, simple style. 

I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for this review. But you can bet your bottom dollar that if I didn't like it, I wouldn't fake it ;)