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Bringing the outside in + tips from a pro florist

Toni WeberComment

For me, bouquets in the home are a staple. They're on my list just like bread and butter. But that doesn't always mean I buy them. I'm perfectly happy to clip a  collection of ferns and branches from my yard and most of the time those foraged bundles are my favorite. Anything foraged actually!

This lovely bunch though came to me as a gift, left-overs from a wedding my friend helped to prepare. I'm not a design pro, but these tips I got from one have stuck with me and I wanted to share them with you.

1. Keep the larger, heavier elements low in your design. This may seem obvious, but I quickly realized just how often I would arrange a bouquet without this in mind. 

2. Grouping like colors together can have a greater impact. This bunch came with some deep purple tulips and ranunculus which I choose to put in a different vase. I loved this look of all white. But you totally can have bouquets with multiple colors. Keep this rule of thumb in mind when arranging those too, it really does make an impact!

3. Make sure the top edge of your vessel is covered with foliage. Again, this is not something I ever thought of, but making this small effort has a really nice effect.

Try those tips out the next time you arrange a bouquet and see what you think! Now you're 3 steps closer to being a pro :)

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