Don't wait to have your family photographed

A dear friend was getting ready to make a cross country move and wanted to document her children in the first home they have ever known. She wanted the memories of what it was like with 3 small children, in that home, in all of it's chaotic but precious beauty. 


She was worried though that her house wasn't in the condition she would've liked. Too spare on storage to hold allll the things, that it wouldn't be clean enough. What mom of 3 littles has time to keep things spic and span? I understand all that, I really really do. I also know that when we wait for perfect, we will be waiting a very long time. Perfection never arrives. There will always be something that could be better. 

Those memories and those children with you, right now, are what matter most. You won't even care about your less than perfect home when you're looking back on those precious and priceless family photos. I'm absolutely positive about that.

Babies grow fast. Children change overnight. Don't wait for perfect. 

Decide on "good enough" and then revel in the joy that you will feel every time you look at those family images. Your life, right now, is so much more valuable than "perfect".