toni weber

Hello! I'm Toni. 

I am a Mother, wife, photographer and devoted to seeking out the good and lovely. I'm also endlessly creating--whether that's with my camera, food or with a humble bouquet of cuttings from my yard. I have a passion for simple beauty and taking pleasure in ordinary moments. I love home, a good cup of tea and sharing the same quirky humor as my kids.

Portrait photography...

If you are interested in a portrait session please click my Portrait Photography tab to learn more. I would love to hear from you and chat about what you want to remember right now with portraits. You can read about what's it's like to work with me here.

If you homeschool or are interested in starting....

Homeschooling has my heart, and after 24 years of schooling my own children (and still at it with my youngest!) I started an Instagram feed to support and encourage other home educating families, you can find that here @homeschoolingbyheart I offer homeschooling mentoring sessions as well that I announce through my newsletter when they become available. You can also find me as a monthly columnist to Wild + Free magazine, a beautiful community serving the homeschooling mother with inspiration, support and encouragement.