Several years ago I had a troubling thought: did I really laugh with, hug, kiss, snuggle, hold and connect with my kids as much as I thought I had? Of course I can remember some of that, but the hard truth is that I can't remember or picture even a large fraction of them.

My head knows that I did those things with my children, but my heart longs to see some evidence. Of course there are hundreds of family photos that I cherish, taken with our little film point and shoot and developed faithfully every month, year after year.

But one thing is missing from most of those photos: me. I was the one taking them 99 percent of the time.

At the sincere heart of why I do what I do is this: I want you to have evidence, in the form of meaningful images, that yes-you did connect and kiss and laugh with your children, with your spouse. That your life, today, is worth documenting not because it's perfect, but because it's valuable. Today is part of your story, your children's story, and one day you will want to look back on it. Your children will hold those photos as one of their most prized possessions. But mostly I want you to have evidence. The evidence that you were there too.